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Mama Black Bear Gets Aggressive in Yellowstone

Check out this video from Yellowstone of a black bear with cubs showing her agitation towards a pepper-spray-wielding park ranger.

Yellowstone is home to many must-see spectacles of nature, one of the most well known being the bears that inhabit it. In the video below, unwary tourists gather around a camera-shy black bear with two cubs.

Her attitude suggests it isn't a good day for a photo op.

In the video, the bear can be seen huffing in stress and making mini bluff charges towards the ranger separating the bear family from the unwelcome tourist family.

Luckily for the onlookers, the ranger is able to deter the big bear from making any rash decisions by emitting a burst of pepper spray.

The spray's effectiveness seems to be evident as the bear retreats from the log-side buffet, unharmed but educated.


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Mama Black Bear Gets Aggressive in Yellowstone