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Male Polar Bear Attacks, Eats Cub in Brutal Footage

polar bear

Cannibalism is a common thing among polar bears.

Life is hard in the Arctic, and this group on a National Geographic expedition got a first-hand glimpse of that reality. This footage shows the moment a male polar bear runs down a fellow bear, a cub, in a brutal look at the circle of life in one of the harshest environments on earth.

Pretty brutal, but the Arctic isn’t exactly known for being a fun and happy place. There was nothing the mother polar bear could do in this case.

It’s one thing to hear about cannibalism among bears, but it’s another to see it in person. National Geographic reports in the video description that this sort of thing may be happening more often because of climate change making it more difficult for the bears to hunt their natural prey.

This video is a good reminder that it is survival of the fittest with wildlife. It isn’t easy to watch, but it’s the brutal reality of nature.



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Male Polar Bear Attacks, Eats Cub in Brutal Footage