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Male Model Catches New Montana Smallmouth Bass Record

Images via Facebook/Jacob Fowler

Who would have thought Montana could produce a smallmouth bass record like this? 

Jacob Fowler was fishing on Flathead lake, when he set hooks into the biggest smallmouth bass ever caught in Montana. A confessed trout nut, he took a break from the norm and decided to see what he could do against some bronzebacks only to found himself etched firmly in the fishing record books. One thing is sure for, this new Montana smallmouth bass record might be standing for a while.

Fowler, an aspiring male model who actually just signed a deal to model in China, was definitely not expecting to catch a 21-inch, 7.4-pound monster smallmouth. Then again, who really does expect to break the state record for any species of fish on any given day? Since Fowler did do just that, he beat the old record of 6.7 pounds easily.


"I knew there were some nice size bass where I was fishing because I had caught a few fishing there in the past," Fowler said in an interview with Montana Outdoor. "I knew it was a big fish because it came to the surface so I was able to see it before it made another run."

This one giant bass isn't the only big fish that Fowler caught from the secret Flathead lake fishing location. He reported that he had caught one just a little bit smaller from the exact same spot recently as well.

Hopefully there is some decent bass fishing that Fowler will find in China on his way to pursue his modeling career. With a little luck, maybe this newfound stateside notoriety might open a few doors down the road.

"I don't know if it will help but the publicity sure won't hurt, I am still in shock that the smallmouth bass record is now mine, it's a pretty cool feeling for sure."

Congrats Mr. Fowler on an awesome fish!

Images via Facebook/Jacob Fowler


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Male Model Catches New Montana Smallmouth Bass Record