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When Making Wild Game Stock, Invest in Flavor

Making wild game stock doesn't have to be too complex. Here are some reminders.

If you want to take your kitchen to the next level, be mindful of the use of stocks to add richness and flavor to your recipes.

However, flavorful wild game stocks can be a bit of a challenge. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Wild Game Stock

Wild Game StockUsing a stock made from your wild game keeps your dish truly wild.

Not From a Market

Stock, in this case, is a liquid or semi liquid base of intense flavors on which many dishes are built such as soups, stews, and sauces.

The dry bouillon you find in stores is a shortcut way to a stock, but not the preferred way.

In many markets, your options are beef or chicken. Venison, duck, or fish are not on the shelf. You are left to mix flavors, changing the dish at the basic level.

To really kick up your cooking, it is not that difficult to make your stock from scratch. When your stock matches the dish, it brings out the true flavors that you want.

Wild Game vs. Farm Raised

When making stock from wild game, some rules are different. Specifically, fat from wild game is rarely of good flavor.

Chicken stock soup with strong herbs and spices for Soto, the traditional Indonesian chicken soup

It's not a big deal with farm raised game or livestock, but when you use truly wild game, always trim as much fat as you can from the meat or bones you are using to make your stock.

How do we get enough materials for a good wild game stock?

  1. Once the fat is trimmed, brown bits of meat well in a pan or in the oven before adding them to your stock. These caramelized bits are the source of the best flavor.
  2. Bones are excellent for making stock. Brown them in the oven as well to get a good start on bringing out the marrow and gelatin that really make a stock rock.
  3. Use mire poix (meer pwah) to kick off your stock. Layer the bones and/or browned meat over the top of the vegetables to simmer. Watch for an article soon on the magic of mire poix.

Rock the Stock

Often with wild game, the stock is made as part of the preparation, but you can also make stocks in advance and refrigerate or freeze for future use.

You will always find uses for it, and wild game stock is especially valuable for the unique flavor and richness it brings.

The regular use of stock is sure to make you the star of your hunting or fishing camp, your next wild game supper, or your own dinner table.

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When Making Wild Game Stock, Invest in Flavor