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Making Survival Arrows with Survival Lilly

survival arrows

What good is a bow without arrows?

So you made yourself a survival bow. Well, what are you going to shoot out of that bow? Survival Lilly has that problem solved as she shows us how to make survival arrows. Lean how to make your own in this video.

Why not make some survival arrows to feed that DIY bow? Survival Lilly gets it done in this information-packed video. She goes about getting straight wood for the arrows. She then takes these pieces and shows us how to make some very serviceable arrows. Some test shots on a tin can show that this combination could certainly kill game and protect your life in a bad spot.

Survival skills are handy to know and may save your life one day. Survival Lilly is quite the teacher of those skills, so check out some of her other videos!

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Making Survival Arrows with Survival Lilly