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Making Primitive Pottery with Survival Lilly

primitive pottery

What do you do when you’re lost in the woods with no containers?

Making good, serviceable pottery is a great skill to have. Survival Lilly shows us how she makes primitive pottery.

Survival Lilly certainly is a human knowledge bank of survival skills. She makes everything she would need to survive from the wilds around her, just as the natives would have done centuries ago.

This lesson is in primitive pottery making. Clay pottery was often used in ancient times, and it’s just as handy today as it was centuries ago. Survival Lilly walks us through all the steps that are needed to make our very own primitive pottery on a camp fire.

The old skills of long ago must stay alive for the next generations and beyond. A big thank you goes out from us to Survival Lilly for her great informative videos.


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Making Primitive Pottery with Survival Lilly