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Making Meat the Nature Way

make meat

Hunting isn’t always about bone on the ground. For most hunters, especially the growing number of locavores, it’s about meat on the table. I call it “making meat.” Whatever you call it, it’s good-tasting and good for you.

The folks at Stuck N The Rut are always doing something to keep you coming back. Yes, sometimes it’s bone down or a big cat, but this time, it’s a nice little hunt for the simple reason that they need the food.

Stuck N The Rut says:

“We are all about hunting DIY for meat, predator management, and for the amazing experience of the outdoors.”

This video is proof of that. 

Not to mention the fact that by providing food for the family, they were also able to rid their garden of a nuisance animal and spend some quality time together in the field.

Just remember, while it’s always fun and exciting to take a big buck, quality deer management includes proper doe harvest as well as the benefit of fresh food.


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Making Meat the Nature Way