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This is How Lake Fork Makes Those Awesome Trophy Lures

Ever wonder how they make fishing lures? Here’s your chance to walk through the making of some of the best trophy lures on the market.

Lake Fork Trophy Lures opened their doors to one of their own for a gloves off walk through on how they make lures.

Justin Rackley, better known as The Lake Fork Guy, takes us on a behind the scenes look as the making of some oof the best soft baits out there. We even find out one of their secrets.

That secret is using the smell of garlic and salt to imitate the taste of blood in the water. This imitation helps to trigger the attack sense of large fish preying on smaller injured bait fish.

In today’s market you never know where your products come from. Not only can you know that these baits from Lake Fork Trophy Lures come from the US, you also can see the factory they are made in.

This walk through video shows the epitome of what fishing is about. A small family owned business doing what they love and helping others to know the joy of the great outdoors.



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This is How Lake Fork Makes Those Awesome Trophy Lures