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Making that First Shot in Competition [VIDEO]

Hitting that first shot in a competition can make or break your run.

Believe it or not, sometimes being able to make the first shot of a string can make or break your run. If you want to have consistent runs, make sure you concentrate on that first shot.

According to Doug Koenig, Smith & Wesson Champion Shooter, and the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the reason most professional shooters have a problem is they miss the first shot. This can cause their run to be off and they jerk the gun around more. If they make they first shot, they have a smoother run.

Let’s watch Doug explain it and shot us how he handles it.


I agree with what Doug is saying in this video. I have noticed when I shoot in steel competitions that I tend to have a harder time “catching up” with my targets if I miss that first shot. My cadence of shooting is off for the rest of the course of fire. By making that first shot, my runs are smoother and faster.

Next time you shoot a steel competition, or even practice, concentrate on punching out that first shot. It can make a world of difference.

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Making that First Shot in Competition [VIDEO]