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Making a Stone Arrowhead for Hunting Big Game

stone arrowhead diy

Learn how to knap a flint stone arrowhead that will be effective for hunting big game. This detailed (and pretty beginner-friendly) tutorial shows you how.

Below, Billy Berger gives an excellent presentation on how to knap a stone arrowhead that you can use for hunting big game. He takes a rough chunk of Texas flint and shapes it into a serviceable arrowhead.

He discusses and shows each step along the way, explaining why he does what he does to the stone piece.

Berger first examines the stone and explains what needs to be done in order to remove the thicker areas of the flint. He also mentions that the high humidity makes his antler pressure flaker softer than he likes, so he turns to a copper flaker.

Interestingly, he hammers a flake from the piece and creates a step in the stone. He explains that when this occurs, you can actually hold the flaked shard in the space where it came from, strike it again, and remove the step that was created. It’s a tidbit of information that can come only from experience.

As he continues working, he offers detailed explanations of why he’s knocking here and pressure flaking there. He explains how to set up platforms from which you can drive flakes.

Eventually, he reduces the stone to the shape he’s looking for, before ultimately pressure flaking the edge of the point with finer tools.

He also explains that points do not need to be symmetrical to function effectively. The wounds they make are up to 40% wider than the stone arrowhead itself, causing severe internal hemorrhaging and making for quick, humane kills.

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Making a Stone Arrowhead for Hunting Big Game