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Making a New Ramrod for a Muzzle Loading Shotgun

A beautiful ramrod will help spruce up any muzzleloader.

Larry Potterfield of Midway USA knows how to make ramrods right.

Watch this video and see how he makes his own ebony ramrods.

Larry Potterfield is an expert on everything gunsmithing. In this video he has some vintage muzzleloading shotguns. One shotgun is missing its original ramrod, which is certainly not a problem when you are a master gunsmith.

Larry takes us through all the steps on how to make an ebony ramrod that matches these shotguns perfectly like the original would.

Following these steps you too can make one fine looking shotgun ramrod for that vintage muzzleloader of yours. Happy gunsmithing.



How to Checker an Original Parker Shotgun with Larry Potterfield

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Making a New Ramrod for a Muzzle Loading Shotgun