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What Makes Texas Hunters Unique?

What is it about Texas hunters that separate them from the crowd?

Photo via wikimedia
Photo via wikimedia

Texas is a proud state, full of heritage and tradition unlike any other place in the country. A strong mix of cultures and a unique history has made it one of the more recognizable (and sometimes stereotypical) states in America.

And when it comes to Texas scenery and wildlife, well, you might see something there that you’d never see elsewhere.

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Texans hold their hunting culture in high regard, and for good reason. The state produces arguably some of the best deer hunting in the country, and serves up no lack of other wild game. Whether you’re in the mood for hunting feral hog, dove, duck, coyote, or exotic big game shipped in from around the world, you’ll find it in Texas.

These five characteristics are what make Texan hunters different from the rest. Can you attest to their accuracy?

They’re rugged

Photo via wikimedia

Texans are tough. There’s no sense in denying it. Perhaps it’s leftover from the state’s pioneer days, or perhaps it’s just good old fashioned stubbornness. Whatever the reason, Texas hunters are serious hunters and don’t let little inconveniences like the state’s swarms of mosquitoes, extreme temperatures, or the lurking dangers of ticks or snakes slow them down. They just turn up their collars, grab their guns, and head on out.

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They hunt incredible local game

Photo via wikimedia

Texas is nothing if not diverse in its selection of game to hunt. Of course, there is the usual selection: whitetail deer, dove, rabbits, squirrels, raccoons and hogs. These are by far the most popular prey the state has to offer, but there is far more to choose from than these animals.

Take advantage of the gulf coast to hunt some alligators, or explore the rolling hills to go after the roaming buffalo and bison that the state was known for in its pioneer days (provided you do so with a license and on an appropriate ranch). Or, better yet, help take care of pest control by hunting coyotes or the ever-feared rattlesnake.

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They hunt incredible exotic game

Photo via wikimedia

Perhaps you want to try something new, something you can’t hunt in just any old state. Well, Texas offers more hunts than those of native animals.

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Perhaps you’d like to bring down a mighty scimitar horned oryx, pronghorn, zebra, blesbok antelope, water buffalo, ibex, impala, or gazelle.

In Texas, you can hunt just about every type of deer under the sun. Not just the native whitetail, but also the exotic axis deer, fallow deer, white red stag, red deer, or even their cousins, the elk. If you really want to try something unusual, various hunting ranches around the state even offer emu and ostrich hunting!

What they do with the game afterwards is a thing of beauty

Photo via 2.bp.blogspot

Texans love to hunt, almost as much as they love to prepare the meat afterwards. In terms of food, Texas is best known for two delicious traditions; Tex-Mex and barbeque.

Either one of these is sure to make a person’s mouth water with some of the best food in the world, or so any Texan will happily tell you. With the carcasses, there’s still plenty to do. Many like to indulge in taxidermy to preserve their trophies. In fact, it’s not at all uncommon to come across a stuffed jackalope, that elusive and mysterious creature of the Texas plains.

They brave the elements

Photo via wikimedia

Texas is not a state that does things by halves, not even the weather.

The summers are infamously brutal; the current record high in Austin, the capital, is 112 degrees Fahrenheit. By that logic, the winters should be mild and comfortable. Not so. The state’s record low temperature is a frigid -23 degrees Fahrenheit.

Worse, the gulf coast ensures that, for a good chunk of the state, it is the nasty, wet cold that seeps into a person’s bones and stays there. Not that it’s ever been known to deter a Texas hunter during hunting season!

Everything’s bigger in Texas

Photo via wikimedia

Perhaps it doesn’t need to be said, but everything in Texas just feels bigger. From the wide open prairies to the towering pines, heaping plates of steaming food to the size of our great big hearts, everything in Texas is bigger, which just makes the hunting better.

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What Makes Texas Hunters Unique?