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Make Your Own Stone Age Era Pack Like Otzi the Iceman

Carry your gear old school just like Otzi the Iceman did towards the end of the stone age. 

Otzi the Iceman is a 5,000-year-old mummy found by hikers in the Otzi Mountains in the early 1990s. He has given us amazing insight into the kinds of clothing, gear, food, and more that our ancestors during the end of the stone age carried. He is considered one of the greatest discoveries and murder mysteries of our time.

The ice that preserved Otzi’s body did an incredible job of preserving his gear as well. This has allowed us to not only see how they made packs, knives, and other gear, but allows us to recreate them.

Shawn Woods has done a lot research into Otzi and created some incredible videos on how to make your own replicas to use. Watch the video below for a step by step on building your own Otzi style stone age backpack.

This would be an awesome item to dawn on a hike just to walk in the shoes of what it was like to carry items around back in the day. It would also make a cool decoration to hang on the wall of your man cave.

Knowing how to make packs like this is also great to know in a survival situation in case you need something to pack items around if you lose your bag.

It just amazes me every time I research into the things our ancestors were capable of creating with just items from the environment. It is a knowledge that is quickly becoming lost as we push farther into a technological driven society.

Hopefully videos like these will continue to inspire people to get into learning how these things were done and try to apply them.

Click here for more information on Otzi the Iceman and his gear.


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Make Your Own Stone Age Era Pack Like Otzi the Iceman