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Make Your Own Mineral Sites This Summer

This summer, instead of buying minerals from a store, make your own, and save some money in the process.

Summer is finally here. If you haven't got mineral sites out yet, you should start thinking about doing that soon. There are so many minerals on the market, what should you buy? This summer, don't buy any, make your own. It's easy, you'll save money, and they work just as well, if not better.

When you make your own site, you'll need two key ingredients. Stock salt (ice cream salt) and trace mineral is the bare minimum. If you're able to find it, adding di-calcium phosphate to the recipe is beneficial as well, but not a necessity. You can usually find a 50lb bag of stock salt for around $6, a 50-pound bag of trace mineral for around $9, and a 50-pound bag of di-calcium phosphate for around $20. I usually make my mineral sites using one part trace mineral, one part di-cal, and two parts stock salt. So for 200 pounds of mineral, it would cost you roughly $40.

After obtaining all of your ingredients and finding a spot(s) you will want to put your mixture, the process of getting it into the ground is fairly straight forward. You will want to combine your minerals into a large bucket or some type of pale. Don't mix them until you are ready to pour them out. Dig a hole in your selected location, usually an area with high deer traffic, and create the hold about 36 inches in diameter and 6-8 inches deep. What I like to do then is to pour half of your mix into the hole.

You then mix the mineral in with the soil very well. After mixing it in, pour the rest of your mineral into the hole. Once again, work it into the soil as well as you can. After that, you're all set to go. One thing that I like to do is to top it off with some type of attractant. The purpose that it serves it just to get deer to visit your site quicker. What you made is what will keep them coming back and back again. I usually top mine off with about a half a bag of trophy rock four 65. All it is, is the ground up version of a trophy rock.

One of my mineral sites right after getting it into the ground.

After getting everything in the ground, get a trail camera up over it, and watch it go to work. I usually let my mineral sites sit for about three months before refreshing them.

The more you do this, and make your own, the easier it will be to tell for you when to refresh your mineral sites. It can vary, but when the deer seem to be hitting it less and less is usually a good indication on when to freshen it up.

A mineral site after being hit by deer for a month.

Making mineral sites can be a great way to get deer in front of your trail camera. There are many benefits of making your own opposed to buying deer minerals that are all ready to go on the ground.

It is cost effective, and can be a lot of fun. So this summer, entertain the idea of making your own mineral sites, you'll be a pro at it in no time.


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Make Your Own Mineral Sites This Summer