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Make Your Own Fishing Kit with Common Household Materials

This fishing kit is fun to make, virtually free, and, best of all, it really works.

Dave Canterbury knows a thing or two about outdoor and survival skills. This project takes place in his shop, but he builds the perfect fishing kit to pack along on all your outdoor adventures.

To make the fishing kit you'll need some tools:

  • Vice
  • Small metal plate
  • Chisel
  • Hammer
  • Pliers
  • Drill
  • Belt sander OR saw
  • Bench grinder

You'll also need a few common materials that you might have lying around the house. Even if you have to get them elsewhere, they are inexpensive or free. Gather up the following materials before starting your fishing kit.

  • 4d finish nails
  • Wine Corks
  • 3/16-inch dowel
  • Line winder material (watch the video for suggestions)
  • Fishing line

Watch the video to see how to build this easy and inexpensive kit and you'll be ready to catch fish anywhere.

As Dave mentioned in the video, this kit is light and easy to carry. When you're ready to fish, simply cut a stick, tie on your line, and hook your bait.

In case you're wondering if this fishing kit really works, watch this video to see the setup in action.

Dave and his nephew had a good day on the water, catching around 30 fish in less than an hour. What were they using for bait? Beef jerky, of course.

If you're looking for a fun project that you can use to catch fish, look no further. Gather your materials and tools, and build your own kit today.


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Make Your Own Fishing Kit with Common Household Materials