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Make a Watertight Birch Bark Vessel with Ray Mears [VIDEO]

Bushcraft expert Ray Mears crafts a functional and attractive birch bark vessel that functions as a water pot.

Birch bark is nature's plastic. We can fashion all sorts of items of it, both decorative and functional.

Here, Ray Mears crafts an attractive basket that can not only hold things but can double-duty as a pot in which to boil water.

After carving the bark template and stitching the vessel together with spruce root, Mears seals all of the seams with a natural glue made from spruce resin and a bit of charcoal.

He then heats the mixture over a small fire and applies it to the seams with a "gluestick" twig.

Mears tests the birch bark pot for watertightness by filling it with water. Success!

He then adds hot rocks from the fire to bring it to a boil.

Crafting items like this vessel from birch bark is a wonderful outdoors skill to learn. It's a great way to pass the time and create something useful and beautiful.

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Make a Watertight Birch Bark Vessel with Ray Mears [VIDEO]