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How to Make a Turkey Fan Mount

Learning how to make a turkey fan mount yourself is a simple process, and most of what you need is laying around the house.

Well, you just returned from your spring or fall hunting trip with a bird in the bag. Hopefully your hunt was a memorable one and you are looking forward to enjoying some tasty wild turkey. The final chore you have after cleaning the bird is make a turkey fan mount.

The process is simple and something everyone should be able to learn rather easily.

Watch this brief video describing the process to make a turkey fan mount.

If you are just learning the basics of preserving your trophies, this is a great first project. Most of what you need to make a turkey fan mount is laying around the house. It also takes very little time or effort to complete.

A few words of advice to go along with the video.

Make sure you get as much meat and tissue off the fan before you call it quits. Putting up any animal skins, furs, or feathers can be done easily. However, whatever you put up you should understand any flesh material left on can spoil and cause some serious problems.

Secondly, don't worry about over salting the fan. The salt acts as a drying agent to draw all the moisture out of any tissue remaining. It is similar to the process used to salt cure meat. Don't rush the process and ensure everything is plenty dry before taking the pins off the board.

Finally you'll need to develop some type of display for your fan mount. You can choose to buy one or make one yourself. Your woodworking skills might best determine this decision.


With some luck you'll make a turkey fan mount with no trouble. If you're the story telling type this will serve a double purpose. Not only will you be able to retell the story of the hunt, but also the story of how you made your first turkey fan mount.


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How to Make a Turkey Fan Mount