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Make the Most of Your Time: Hunt, Fish, Camp… Repeat [PICS]


It’s 2015, and let’s face it, we are living in a digital world whether we like it or not. There are so many things occupying our time that don’t involve actually doing anything, it’s a little ridiculous.

We can easily pass a few hours of our day scrolling through newsfeeds, clicking on our friend’s pictures, or just looking for quick entertainment via a few viral videos.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but if lately you feel like your face has been glued to your smartphone, maybe you should think about spending less time viewing, and more time doing. Go hunt… go fish… just get out there and experience life!

Take a look at these pictures and let them motivate you to get out there and enjoy the wide open spaces that are available to us all, and forget about what everyone else is up to for a change.

He will always remember that first catch. 

hunt fish camp 1
Tech Timeout

Seeing your dog enjoy nature is an experience in itself. 

hunt fish camp 2
Gun Dog Mag

We all need this in our lives. 

hunt fish camp 6
Low Fares

Do you remember those early years when your dad took you hunting?

hunt fish camp 3
Country Crazy 27

Disconnect, and gaze at the beauty around you. 

hunt fish camp 8
Top Inspired

Life is short; live it fully, and share it with someone you love.

hunt fish camp 4

Find your happy place. 

hunt fish camp 7
Matador Network

Learning the family traditions is an important part of becoming a young man. 

hunt fish camp 5
Luise Gonzalez/Hubpages

The ultimate family time. 

hunt fish camp 10

You always hear the old folks talk about how quickly time flies by, the regrets they have, and if only they had more time to do the things they love…

Don’t let anything stand in your way, make time to get outdoors and connect with nature. Don’t forget to bring a friend or family member, because the experiences and memories you make will be that much more enjoyable.

Follow me on Twitter @YoBlakeO and enjoy those Wide Open Spaces!

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Make the Most of Your Time: Hunt, Fish, Camp… Repeat [PICS]