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How to Make a Temporary Rocket Stove Out of a Log

Get the benefits of a rocket stove for cooking before giving it completely back to nature.

Rocket stoves are popular camping appliances, valued for their efficient fuel combustion properties and ability to produce high temperatures with relatively limited amounts of fuel.

They also are often compact, lightweight, and can be made from repurposed castoff materials. Not this one, however. This rocket stove is made entirely of natural materials: wood itself.

Of course you’ll need a drill, spade bit and possibly an electrical cord if you don’t use a battery-operated drill. These items aren’t exactly backpacker or camping friendly.

Still, it’s not out of the realm off possibility if you are an RV or vehicle camper who carries a tool kit with a few electrical power tools. It also just looks like a fun project.

Once you’re done using the log in its rocket stove form – cooking or heating water or coffee – just toss it on the campfire.

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How to Make a Temporary Rocket Stove Out of a Log