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Make a Swedish Fire Stove and Get Cooking

Who know the Swedes were so inventive?

Campfire cooking is some of the best tasting and most rewarding cooking experiences a backpacker, hunter, or fisherman can experience when it comes to getting our bellies full. One of the bigger problem campfire cooks often face is using pots and pans without burning everything to ash. By learning how to make this Swedish fire stove, those troubles will be a thing of the past.

Despite the name, Crazy Russian Hacker knows how to get things done. Take for example the below video. Not only is the Swedish fire stove easy to make, it’s also incredibly practical in a variety of areas.

It doesn’t look so hard to make yourself does it? Other than just some matches and twigs, you may need some kind of fire starter to get those twigs going, but once the stove is on fire, you are seconds away from some great camp cooking.

Make sure you have this as a part of your repertoire this summer when you hit the woods or the water and get a little hungry. I mean, I love cans of Vienna Sausage as much as the next guy, but being able to heat some Ramens on the side of the river sounds awfully tasty too!

Thank you, CrazyRussianHacker. We all look forward to a few more of your videos.



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Make a Swedish Fire Stove and Get Cooking