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Make a Survival Stove Out of a Tin of Mints [VIDEO]

As it turns out, making a survival stove might be easier than you think.

With the craze of the doomsday preppers seemingly behind us, a lot of their methods, hacks, and survival techniques disappeared right along with them.

Unfortunately for us, some of those techniques and everyday living solutions that were featured on television shows and magazines were downright cool. Good thing there are still videos being made that can help us in a catastrophic pinch. Take, for example, the survival stove.

In this recent video from Make, see first-hand how to create a survival stove out of a tin of mints that you can buy from a gas station.

You need a few tools to get this job done, but once it is, Ramen noodles in the wild will now be a reality.

Looks like all those tins of mints I turned into fly boxes, or just tossed away, could have went to a better use after all.

Had I known I could have been warming up a cup of coffee on my curiously strong survival stove while miles away from civilization, I might have planned things differently.

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Make a Survival Stove Out of a Tin of Mints [VIDEO]