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Make a Shooting Range Plan for Guaranteed Success


A prior shooting range plan helps perfect performance.

We are all so busy in our everyday lives that our time is precious, so at some point we all need a plan. At work, we set lay out a plan for a major project to meet a deadline. When going on vacation, we take some time and plan out where and when. We set an itinerary and put together a packing list. We even plan out the little things. How are we going to get home tonight from work? What are getting from the grocery store?

So why is it that so many people don't plan their visit to the range? Our time on the range is so limited, we need to make the most out of that precious training time we do have. Going to the range without a plan in place is going to the range to fail. You're not going to get anything accomplished. Take some time prior to make a shooting range plan. That way when you get to the range and in your shooting lane, you can hit the ground running.

Set Goals and Drills

First, set some training goals. What is it you want to accomplish this session? By setting training goals, you know if your range session was successful and whether you are improving. They don't have to be lofty goals, but set a goal that you can meet and pushes you to succeed. Believe it or not, failure is also an option when it comes to your goals. We can learn more from failing sometimes than succeeding.

Once you have your goals in mind, figure out what drills you are going to run to accomplish those goals. By deciding up front what drills you are going to use, you will be able to measure your success or failure. Plus you aren't standing around trying to decide what to run next if you already have a plan laid out for the order of drills. Make a list, or print out the instructions so you have everything you need right in front of you at the range.

Prepare Gear

Now that you have set your goals and selected your drills, you are able to take some time to prepare your gear. Taking all your gear may make you look cool, but in reality can slow you down when trying to get set up. If you bring all your targets for example, you will have to search through to find the ones you want for a particular drill. If you are running drills that don't need a timer, leave it at home. The less gear you take with you, the more time you can have moving from drill to drill. Make sure you also put enough ammo in your bag to cover your drills.
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Measure Your Performance

Finally, measure your performance. Set for yourself what is acceptable to meet your goals and what is not. For example, if you put everything in the black, you are good. Or everything needs to be in the 9 ring. Whatever helps you to measure your performance each time. Make it challenging but not too hard.

Remember, your time is precious on the range so try not to squander it standing around makeing decisions. If you set a plan and stick to it, your range time will be so much more enjoyable and productive.

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Make a Shooting Range Plan for Guaranteed Success