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Make Your Own Raccoon Hide Quiver

raccoon hide quiver

If you’re wondering what to do with that dead raccoon you’ve got laying around, wonder no more. Make this raccoon hide quiver from it!

Billy Berger shows how to fashion a raccoon hide quiver from a dead raccoon his neighbor had. In this two part video, Berger begins by knapping a few small sharp flakes from a piece of flint. If you want to see more on stone flakes and watch him butcher a deer with them, then click here.

He case skins the raccoon. Then he fleshes the hide with a dull draw knife to remove the excess fat and meat. Raccoons are a fatty critter, so take your time and get it all.

In the next video he washes the hide and then gets down to the business of turning it into a quiver.

He decides to make the quiver with the fur side out, although you could do it the other way, fur side in. Fur side out has the advantage of providing some natural camouflage to the quiver, plus it just looks cool. Fur side in makes for a quieter quiver, as the fur pads the sound of the arrows knocking together. You can also paint on the rawhide with a fur side in quiver.

He then sews the mouth shut to create a sock form. Pulling the skin over a chicken wire tube form, Berger notes that you want to dry the wet hide in its final form as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

After drying the hide he simply sews on a leather back strap and the raccoon hide quiver is complete. You could also place a piece of spongy foam in the bottom of the quiver to accept the arrows.

That’s it. This project is pretty simple though a little labor intensive. So next time you’ve got a dead raccoon and you’re wondering what to do with it, here you go!

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Make Your Own Raccoon Hide Quiver