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How to Make a PVC Chum Dispenser [VIDEO]

Looking for big catfish? Learn how to make your own PVC chum dispenser and catch more fish today.

A PVC chum dispenser can be one of the easiest fishing projects you can add to your tackle box. Your PVC chum dispenser can be crafted in around 10 minutes and will only cost you around five dollars to make.

Check out how to build your PVC chum dispenser.

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Looks simple enough. You probably already have the supplies around your house to build this PVC chum dispenser. You don’t even have to make a trip to the store.

I personally think I would glue the end pieces on just for long-term use but the PVC is tight enough that it probably will not matter either way.

Definitely doing this!

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How to Make a PVC Chum Dispenser [VIDEO]