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How to Make Production Line Lures the Easy Way [VIDEO]

Looking for an easy and inexpensive way of making your own line lures?

This video shows how to make a production-grade mold for 8.5-inch flukes.

Make this very versatile lure at your home without having to go to a manufacturer.

The clay remains soft until baked, and once it is hard it can be molded. Use the master to create a mold for as many as you see fit; in this video they made three.

Next, get modeling clay and position the three masters in the spread-out position. This will be one half of the master mold, so be sure it’s free of inconsistencies.

Remember to mix the Alumilite thoroughly and weigh out equal portions for both sides of the master. Once the sides are dry and molded together, use a screwdriver or chisel to pry it open.

When both sides have been cleaned of leftover clay, use clamps to hold the sides together before injecting the Alumisol. The guys in this video made a large tail so they could create different appearances to their liking.

Now that you know how to do this in a quick and inexpensive way, head out to the store and buy some supplies to make your own lip-rippin’ designs.

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How to Make Production Line Lures the Easy Way [VIDEO]