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Make a Predator Decoy for $5 [VIDEO]

A predator decoy can be just the thing to close the deal on wary coyotes, foxes, and bobcats.

Predator decoys can be as effective as turkey or waterfowl decoys if used in the right way. Use them in high visibility areas predators typically avoid and you will enjoy open shooting when your target animal comes to the call.

Another advantage to using a predator decoy is that the attention is taken off the hunter’s location and final positioning for the shot is easier.

Watch this short video to learn how to make your own predator decoy for around $5.

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The video shows a bundle of feathers from a craft store as the critter, but you could easily substitute a squirrel or rabbit hide, or use a grouse, pheasant, or small turkey wing to create the same effect.

Why not try using one of these easy to make and inexpensive decoys on your next coyote, fox, or bobcat hunt?


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Make a Predator Decoy for $5 [VIDEO]