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Make Plans Now for the Unicoi Call Maker Show in Georgia [PICS]

Unicoi Call Maker Show
All pics via Unicoi Call Maker Show

The Unicoi Call Maker Show in Georgia will be one of the best gatherings of custom call makers that you can find all year long.

Anyone who hunts has calls, but there is quite a difference in just picking up a call at your local outdoors store and owning a 100 percent custom crafted call.

For those who prefer the latter, you should start making your plans now to attend the first annual Unicoi Call Maker Show in Helen, Georgia on Jan. 15 and 16, 2016.

This show has been set up completely by custom call makers as a way to meet each other and show off the calls they work hard to create.

There are currently over 75 custom call makers listed as attending the show.

Unicoi Call Makers Show

I talked to Mark Sharpe, one of the organizers of the show about just how this whole thing came to be.

“Last year Russell Beard and I were at the Georgia State Show at the Dillon House and the attendance was way down from what this show used to be,” Sharpe said.

Sharpe and Beard then took it upon themselves to find out why attendance at these events was dropping and found that a lot of the reasoning was the custom call makers were being pushed aside.

“Every year at Nashville, I’ve seen the number of custom call makers dwindle,” he said.

Unicoi Call Makers Show

So Sharpe called up the lodge in Unicoi, Georgia where a call maker favorite show was held years ago. With the help of Lynn Chambers, Sharpe was able to set up a weekend convention just for the guys who do custom work, and as Sharpe said, “We just want to keep it geared strictly towards turkey hunters and knife makers.”

The show will also have seminars for turkey hunters including one by Del Crow and another by author Herb McClure both on Saturday afternoon.

“I hope we can put the custom call makers back where they belong,” said Sharpe.

Call maker Bob Buckner adds that “this show will be bigger than Nashville,” talking about the annual NWTF National Convention. And while it may not be bigger in size, this convention will have a larger gathering of custom call makers than Nashville.

Unicoi Call Makers Show

Turkey hunters and call collectors from all over the country will be joining in for this weekend event and if you hurry you can still book a room in the Unicoi Convention Center for just $89 per night by calling and telling them you want the Call Makers Show rate.

All pics via Unicoi Call Maker Show

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Make Plans Now for the Unicoi Call Maker Show in Georgia [PICS]