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Make Pizza on the Trail

Trail Cooking

Don't settle for dehydrated food for an entire camping or backpacking trip. Make pizza on the trail. 

Dehydrated food tastes absolutely delicious after hiking for eight hours. Just imagine how much better a fresh pizza would taste.

This is an easy recipe on the go. You will most likely be bringing a pan or pot with you on your trip, they have collapsable ones for backpacking. Just put all the ingredients in your backpack in plastic bags. They'll be light and easily packable.


A pack of ready-made pizza dough

pizza sauce pouch

1/ pack of pepperoni slices (1.5 ounces)

2 pieces string cheese (2 ounces)

8 olives of choice

2 tbsp olive oil


Divide the pizza sauce between the two pizzas, top each one with the sting cheese cut up in chunks and the pepperoni slices. Add the olives.
Using a pan or a pot big enough for the pizzas to fit in, heat it over a low flame. Add in half of the oil and carefully pop the pizza in. Cover tightly and let gently heat for five minutes. Keep an eye on it to prevent burning, lowering the flame as needed. Repeat for the second pizza.

The pizza shells will puff up when they are ready.

Easy! And your weary taste buds will thank you for giving them a treat after nothing but dehydrated food and trail mix for three days.

Recipe adapted from Trail Cooking 

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Make Pizza on the Trail