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How to Make Pace Count Beads for Navigation [VIDEO]

pace count beads

Being able to keep up with distance traveled is essential for land navigation and pace count beads make that job much easier.

One of the hardest parts of land navigation is the ability to judge distance. With a proper pace count, and a set of pace count beads you can easily make yourself, you can turn this difficult task into a much easier one.

Make your own pace count beads with this video that shows how to make a 26-inch strand of paracord and 13 beads.


It’s crazy how something so quick and easy to make could play a crucial role in saving your life in a survival situation. Or it can just make your hunting that much more effective.

Being able to track your movement through the woods as you hunt can not only keep you from getting lost, it can also help you to better remember where trails, rubs, scrapes, roosts, and beds are, giving you a much better chance to use them to your advantage.

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How to Make Pace Count Beads for Navigation [VIDEO]