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How to Make a One of a Kind Elk Antler Belt Buckle

Antler Trader

It's going to be really hard to top this antler belt buckle, trust me.

I don't care whether you're at deer camp, the hunting lodge, or just meeting up with an old hunting buddy during the off-season, us hunters are always good at trying to one-up the other.

Here's a sure fire way to have the coolest antler belt buckle this hunting season and I guarantee no one else in camp will have anything like it!

That's my kind of style right there!

If you're interested in making your very own elk antler belt buckle, then a crucial piece of equipment is going to be having access to a Dremel tool.

For this project, the 8050 Micro series from Dremel will do exactly what you need and without adding another crazy expensive tool to your collection. Fully equipped with all of the accessories and bits that you'll need to create a kick ass elk antler belt, the 8050 micro will be your new favorite tool to bring along to hunting camp.

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How to Make a One of a Kind Elk Antler Belt Buckle