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Make Your Own Military “Ovitrap” to Help Deal with Pesky Mosquitoes [VIDEO]


Try making this Ovitrap to stop mosquitoes from reproducing in your yard.

Mosquitoes are probably the most hated insect on the planet. They make yard work worse, can easily ruin a backyard BBQ, or destroy your ability to just relax outside.

They are also responsible for killing more people by spreading diseases than any other animal.

If you want an easy way to try to control your mosquito problem, create your own Ovitrap. Here is a quick DIY version to hang in your own backyard.

The Ovitrap was designed by the military to exploit a female mosquito’s need to lay eggs. They fly down and lay their eggs, which fall through the mesh and trap the larvae inside.

This trap has been proven to be highly effective against mosquito population control. While this version isn’t a very lethal way to kill both the larvae and adult, you can easily modify it, too.

After filling the trap up with water, drop insecticide pellets that can be purchased from your local hardware store into it. This will kill the female as she lands in the water as well as dispatch the chance any of the eggs develop further.

Just be sure that wherever you hang it, no other wildlife can get to it to drink from and poison themselves as well.

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Make Your Own Military “Ovitrap” to Help Deal with Pesky Mosquitoes [VIDEO]