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How to Make a Jack-O’-Lantern with a Glock

How will you carve your jack-o’-lantern this fall? Try getting out the Glock .45 Cal!

Carving a pumpkin is a time-honored tradition during the Halloween season that kids and adults both enjoy. Typically, folks pull out a blade and go to work on a hollowed out pumpkin to give it a spooky face. That’s not the only way you can get the job done.

“This is the best pumpkin carver I’ve ever discovered,” says the man while holding his Glock pistol. In the right hands, this firearm does make quite the carver.

We’ve seen hickok45 do some great things with guns before, but this is pretty dang awesome.

With the right aim (and lots of safety precautions) this video demonstrates that making a jack-o’-lantern with a pistol is not only possible, it can be downright fun.

How good of a shot are you with a handgun? Now is the time to put your shooting skills on display and make a unique jack-o’-lantern too! You can even pull out a variety of firearms to see how they work on carving up the pumpkin.

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How to Make a Jack-O’-Lantern with a Glock