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How to Make Hot Glue Matches [VIDEO]

hot glue matches
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Hot glue can be one of the most helpful items to have while out in the backcountry but before hot glue matches it has been very difficult to have it easily accessible.

Whether it's for quick repairs to your tent, sleeping bag, air mattress, or even some of your hunting or fishing gear, hot glue can be one of the easiest and most useful resources to have around (besides duct tape).

But the difficult part of having hot glue in the backcountry is being able to actually use it, until now. Check out the video below to learn how to make hot glue matches and very easily get your usable hot glue wherever you need it.

Easy enough right? Just melt a little hot glue onto a few match sticks and before you know it you'll have a whole box of hot glue matches. These can be easily transported and used a little at a time when the need arises.

Definitely something to stick in your pack. It takes up almost no room and the hot glue matches can be a huge help if things start to fall apart in the wild.

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How to Make Hot Glue Matches [VIDEO]