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How to Make Homemade Mosquito Repellent [PICS]

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They're coming for your blood. Are you prepared?

No, we're not talking about zombies or vampires. Summer is almost here, which means those pesky mosquitoes are on their way.

Unless you love smelling like chemicals in store-bought mosquito repellents, you're probably looking for alternative ways to keep the bugs at bay.

Luckily you can easily make your own mosquito repellent at home, using natural ingredients that are safe for your family. Plus they smell great, acting as a cologne or perfume at the same time!

Mosquito Repellent Plants

1. Basil

mosquito repellent basil

If you've ever grown basil in your garden, you know exactly how strong the wonderful aroma is. No wonder it's such a good mosquito repellent! If you're in the garden and don't have time to spare, simply crush some basil leaves and rub onto your skin for some quick relief.

2. Lavender

mosquito repellent lavender
Lavender Connection

Besides looking really nice in your garden, lavender is known to deter many bothersome insects. Try planting it around your seating area, or making your own mosquito repellent using the directions that follow below.

3. Lemon Balm

mosquito repellent lemon balm

This fast-growing perennial (Melissa officinalis) has an incense-like aroma that repels mosquitoes but not beneficial bees and butterflies.

4. Marigolds

mosquito repellent marigold

You often see marigolds in vegetable gardens because their scent is enough to deter the damaging insects. These same qualities make it a good mosquito repellent plant. Plant them in containers so you can strategically move them to your seating areas.

5. Catnip

mosquito repellent catnip
Bonnie Plants

We all know catnip is a favorite of your feline friend. However, did you know it's also ten times more effective than DEET as a mosquito repellent! Ten times!

Mosquito Repellent Instructions

If you have more time than just rubbing the plants against your skin, try this method out. Crush a good handful of leaves in a mortar and pestle or just a bowl and spoon to release the oils. Add a good measure of vodka to the leaves, and allow to sit for 12 hours. Once the oils are infused in the vodka, add to a sprayer bottle and use as you would any mosquito repellent!

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How to Make Homemade Mosquito Repellent [PICS]