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How to Make Hog Bait at Home

Homemade hog bait with a trick to keep them around longer. 

Hogs will eat just about anything, the trick is to make it so they stick around long enough for you to get a shot. Pungent bait is best; you want to bring in pigs from far away and create some competition so they will come in at all times of the day. As always, check local regulations for baiting laws.

You will need:

5 gallon bucket with lid

Deer corn

3 or 4 large apples

Packet of yeast (or 2 cans of beer)


Items to be used at bait site:

1 cup fruit punch Gatorade powder

Post hole digger

Straining ladle

Bring all the ingredients outside. The bucket will need to sit for a week, place accordingly.
Add the corn to the bucket until 3/4 full. Chop the apples into quarter slices and add to bucket.
Add the yeast or beer to the bucket. Add water until the water level reaches two to three inches from the top of the bucket.
Stir the ingredients, seal the lid and let it sit for about a week, stirring once after four days. The bait will be very pungent. For best results place the bucket in an area where it will get full sun exposure. Warmer weather will cure the bait faster.

At the bait site, dig a two-to three-foot hole with a post hole digger. Ladle the corn and apples into the hole until full. Scatter the Gatorade powder into the hole and surrounding area. Pour any remaining corn and liquid in and around the hole. Take care not to spill any on your clothing.

It won’t take long for hogs to find the bait site. The hole will keep them at the site longer since they will have to root and dig to get all of the bait.

Easy and inexpensive to make, this homemade hog bait will have you filling the freezer with some delicious pork.

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How to Make Hog Bait at Home