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Make Gunpowder From Your Pee: Hardcore Survival [VIDEOS]


What happens when you’re 20 years into a zombie apocalypse and you’ve run out of cartridges for you gun? Obviously you start making gunpowder from your pee.

What’s that you say, make gunpowder from pee? Well, yes, as Cody Reeder explains and demonstrates in these two videos, it is indeed possible to do that very thing.

If you don’t speak “science,” don’t worry. Reeder goes through the process in both videos, and a lack of expertise with the Periodic Table should not prevent any of us non-science nerds from being able to follow the process.

He ends up shooting a lead ball from a primitive gun with the gunpowder he made.

“That was a lot of fun,” an excited Reeder said. “I can’t believe I actually made it work. I got this to come out of a barrel using my own piss.”

So you see that we are not actually making gunpowder entirely from urine. Gunpowder is made primarily from three ingredients: sulfur, charcoal, and potassium nitrate (or saltpeter). We are making one component of the final product: the nitrate/saltpeter.

(Cue joke about urine and the word “saltpeter” now.)

Here is part II of Reeder’s ongoing experiment.

Reeder gets more detailed and refined in his pursuit in the second video, but still maintains the integrity of his project to make gunpowder from all natural materials found on his property.

He fires a 20 ounce lead projectile from his homemade cannon with great force, and blows up a large rock. I dare you not to utter “Awesome” as that boulder gets blown to smithereens.

There are ways to make and acquire the ingredeints to make gunpowder that are faster and more efficient, but it’s cool to know that any of us could do it entirely ourselves if we really want to.

Cody Reeder is a geology student and “a popular backyard experimenter from Utah”. He’s got a strong following on his youtube channel and is also a Mars One finalist.

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Make Gunpowder From Your Pee: Hardcore Survival [VIDEOS]