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How to Make Beautiful Fish Prints [VIDEO]

Have you ever wondered how to create a quality fish print? Rob Choi shows you how it’s done.

Choi describes himself as an angling addict and has produced these prints for about ten years. I recently asked him about how he got started, and he said his mother taught him the basic process.

He has worked to refine the technique since then, and it shows.

See how this talented artist combines a challenging print technique with excellent freehand skills.

This technique really picks up some of the subtle fish skin and pattern variations only anglers might notice. The freehand accents bring out the unique details in each fish.

“I like that every single print is different,” said Choi.

Gyotaku is a traditional, Japanese style of fish printing and dates back to the mid 1800s. The art form became very popular, and now artists all over the world practice the technique.

Over the years, Choi has donated several prints to local charity tournaments. He frequently produces prints for friends as well.

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How to Make Beautiful Fish Prints [VIDEO]