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How to Make a Foldable Kayak [VIDEO]

A foldable kayak would be a great addition for any outdoors enthusiast.

Foldable kayaks, unfortunately, are quite pricey.

The alternative is just make your own just like this guy did.

Kayaking is a great, enjoyable sport. It is good exercise for the body and is soothing to the soul. But kayaks take up a lot of space to haul and store.

Enter, the foldable kayak. Be prepared to shell out a large amount of your hard-earned cash to buy one.

Or you could build one, like this guy did. Watch this video and you too will be able to build your own homemade foldable kayak. He even tests it and it passes the water test with ease.

Now, time to test the white water rapids.

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How to Make a Foldable Kayak [VIDEO]