Make Fly Fishing A Little Easier with Appalachian Furled Leaders

We are sure you have heard about them, but have tried a furled leader for fly fishing yet? Well, check this out because maybe you should.

I recently took a trip to the west side of New York state to chase brown trout and steelhead all over the tributaries of Ontario and Erie. The fishing was absolutely fantastic, but we quickly found we had to be dialed in to get on them. This often consisted of switching tippets, presentations and techniques. Thankfully, this was the first time I tried rocking a few leaders from Appalachian Furled Leader Company. The whole process of switching out rigs was streamlined fairly effortlessly.

Brad Smith

The biggest appeal that really made me fan of this type of leader was that things were just easy. As you mostly likely know, tippet is finite. After a few changes out, another connection knot needs to be tied and more tippet needs to be added. Not a big a deal, but with these furled leaders, a simple little tippet ring made retying awesome. You know when you can't feel your hands because it's so cold? This helps with that.

Brad Smith

It was also pretty nice that one single furled leader lasted the entire trip. I did switch out one time though. When chasing steelhead on a few Erie tributaries, the Euro-style furled leader was excellent for high-stick, short-distance Czech nymphing. Goodness, did we ever catch steelhead this way.

I have to say, I'm all for things that make fly fishing easy. The Appalachian Furled Leader Company has got that part figured out.


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