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How to Make the First Incision When Caping a Deer

If you want to cape your own deer for the taxidermist, there is some detail that needs to be followed. The first incision you make is very important.

Caping a deer for a shoulder mount requires attention to detail. If you make a wrong cut, or are careless, you will end up with a hide with a lot of mistakes. It all begins with the first incision.

Taxidermy forms are designed to add lifelike characteristics to the finished project. If the hide you present to your taxidermist has cuts in every area, except where they should be, it will be difficult to get the lifelike appearance you are hoping for.

That is why the first incision is so important.

Professional taxidermist Marty Davison walked you through the step of making the first incision. Here’s what to remember:

Always use a sharp scalpel or knife. And always wear gloves for protection.

You should have the knowledge you need to get started preparing a deer cape for the taxidermist.

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How to Make the First Incision When Caping a Deer