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How to Make A Fire Using Only a AA Battery and Chewing Gum Wrapper [VIDEO]

Need to figure out how to make a fire quick? Make sure to add batteries and chewing gum to your next camping checklist.

Modern society requires most of us (with the exception of the true survivalist) to keep batteries around for all of the electronic gizmos and gadgets that get us through our everyday lives. With this simple tactic, we now have another legitimate reason to keep household batteries around, and it doesn’t involve powering anything electronic.

Yes, I know it sounds crazy. And yes, I really did try it. I was skeptical myself . . . But it worked. Watch the video posted by Thomas Kim to see for yourself. This is the quickest and easiest fire I’ve seen started without the use of a lighter. Kids, please do not try this without adult supervision.

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You may have to watch the video more than once to see exactly how the cuts to the gum wrapper are made, as the width of the wrapper does matter in how the current runs. My first attempt at this failed because I didn’t cut the gum wrapper just right—but the second time worked like a charm.

After making your cuts, start by applying the wrapper (aluminum side down) to the negative end of the battery. Once you have a good hold on the negative end, apply the opposite end of the wrapper (again, aluminum side touching the battery) to the positive end. Hold both ends firmly, and wait. You should have smoke within a matter of seconds, and fire soon after. As the video shows, be ready with some tissue paper to really get the fire going.

This is a useful tactic that basically anyone can do. But again, children should not attempt without adult supervision.

What’s your trick to starting a fire fast? Leave your comments in the comments section below.

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How to Make A Fire Using Only a AA Battery and Chewing Gum Wrapper [VIDEO]