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How to Make Fire with a Hand Drill [VIDEO]

Making a friction fire with a hand drill is real primitive caveman stuff, but it doesn’t get more impressive than rubbing two sticks together to create fire.

Using a hand drill, a.k.a. fire sticks, may be the simplest effective way to create a friction fire. It is also thought to be the oldest human-generated method to make a fire.

Watch the process here and adapt it to your environment. You, too, can make fire with little more than a couple of sticks.

The process of using a hand drill is not as easy as this woodsman makes it seem. It takes a level of skill and finesse to work the spindle as smoothly and effectively as he does here.

The best advice you might get in learning this method is to practice, practice, practice, and…practice more. Don’t give up. By working on your technique, you will be better prepared both practically and mentally should a survival situation ever demand it.

Also, once you’ve got the technique down, experiment with different kinds of wood to learn which work better than others. Dry softwoods generally work best.

This man is located in Far North Queensland, Australia. The materials located in his subtropical environment may be different than where you live.

While he indicates that the specific tree he used for this effort was Abroma mollis of the hibiscus/cottonwood family, that particular species may not be indigenous to your area. However, there are surely different species of cottonwood or something similar near you.

Another solid piece of advice: learn the trees in your region.

He also tacks on a wonderful side project at the end of the video. Finding clay at the entrance of his hut, he decides to run an experiment to see if the clay is usable for fashioning practical pieces of utilitarian pottery.

After crafting a small cup and firing it, he discovers that the clay is indeed workable. That, too, ought to give you some ideas for experiments of your own when in the bush for extended periods of time.

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How to Make Fire with a Hand Drill [VIDEO]