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How to Make a Fine Wooden Tackle Box

Here is a step-by-step instructional video on how to craft a quality wooden tackle box.

For all you woodworking hobbyists and professional carpenters here is a great demonstration on how to make a handcrafted tackle box.

This guy is a true craftsman whose skill comes out in the detailing of this tackle box, see how many times he coats it to protect the wood finish. While you wouldn’t be able to tell he uses mainly scrap wood on this project.

This craftsman from Long Island does some excellent work, especially with the joints for each of the panels to bring the tackle box together. This is a project you can make as simple or complex as you want.

Even if you aren’t a woodworker you could get someone to do this project; what a great gift idea for any anglers you know.


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How to Make a Fine Wooden Tackle Box