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How To Make the Most of Every Trip to the Shooting Range

To really take advantage of a trip to the shooting range, you need to make sure that you go prepared.

Spending time at the shooting range can be a lot of fun, not to mention a big help to your hunting game, but not so much if you don’t have the things you will need.

While some shooting ranges will provide everything their customers need, people can’t count on that everywhere they go. Keep these things in mind.

Dress appropriately

If you are going to be at an outdoor shooting range, be smart and dress appropriately. Remember that you will probably be in the wind and sun. Even if you’re going to be indoors, they should still dress smart. Comfortable and long sleeves and pants are the most common clothes worn, mainly to prevent small burns if an errant shell hits an arm or leg.

Ear protection

Most people will be more comfortable with their own ear protection as opposed to the cheap ear plugs that most shooting ranges have on hand. Consider a quality pair, your hearing will thank you later in life.

Eye protection

Anyone who enjoys hunting will most likely have their own eye protection. If you have some shooting glasses, take them with you to the  You’ll not only protect you eyes, but be able to practice you aim and their skills with the eye protection you will use during the hunt.

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You need to take plenty of ammo so you can shoot as long as you want without running out. Talk about a major faux pas; don’t be the guy borrowing ammo at the range.


While most shooting ranges will have targets to sell to their customers, it is possible they will sell out or just not have any at all. So you need to make sure that you at least have a few of your own. They should be pretty inexpensive, but having nothing to shoot at sort of defeats the whole purpose of making a trip to the shooting range.

Look for holiday or other special events

Some shooting ranges will do special events that are discounted or instructional. Both are great to keep an eye out for.

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One last thing to remember is that, especially on special event days, it is always a good idea to call ahead to the shooting range to make sure there’s availability.

There’s nothing worse than getting to the shooting range, completely prepared, only to be turned away or forced to wait because it’s too busy.

And with the popularity of shooting these days, ranges are only going to continue to be used.

What other advice would you give people trying to get the most out of every trip to the shooting range?

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How To Make the Most of Every Trip to the Shooting Range