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How To Make A DIY Truck Bed Camper [VIDEO]

At one point or another, every man will look themselves in the mirror and realize they need a camper. 

Just recently I have developed a strong desire to get a camper. On several occasions, on a growing basis, I find myself looking for lodging in remote areas as I plan hunting and fishing trips. Having a camper would make these little weekend adventures much easier in regards to time, money, and convenience.

The biggest problem I face, however, is storage. I just simply don’t have a place to put one! This is where a nice little DIY truck bed camper has inspired my imagination to get to work to hopefully figure out a way to do it.

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First off, I looked at some teardrops. If you are not familiar with a teardrop camper, they are dinky little pull behinds that mostly just fit a bed and little bit of storage. They are fairly lower priced as compared to bigger pull behinds and the same for manufactured truck bed campers.

However, finding a used one tends to lead to paying more than I care to spend for such a whim, and making one myself is just out of my element. I don’t want to be giving people high-fours instead of high-fives for the rest of the my life because I decided to play Bob Vila for a few weekends and lost a digithomemade-camper1.

So, what would be the next natural thought in this decision making tree? Yep. I own a truck so why not throw some boards together and make my own truck bed camper!

If you just listened closely, you may have heard the collective slap sound of wives across the country smacking their foreheads in disappointment. Google has some really good information on this subject and some of it seems easy enough that I am confident I just might keep all of my digits.

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Alright, here we go. According to several websites like this one and and the one found here, it all looks and sounds pretty darn easy, doesn’t it? Just go to Home Depot or Lowe’s, grab some 2×4’s, some insulated paneling of some sort, a bunch of screws, and slap it all together with the help of a few cuts here and there. Well, at least that is what I’m telling myself right now.

Maybe this video by tontotralman, might make you feel a little more confident about the whole thing.

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Are you feeling more confident? I am too. In the coming months be sure to check back for progress as I attempt to take this on and see where it goes. I can’t imagine mine will be as elaborate as the truck bed camper in the video above, but functional and warm is more my goal anyways. I’m not worried about lights or electricity on the inside. Instead, just a place to sleep and keep the elements at bay.

Have you ever tried to build your own? What tips do you have for me?

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How To Make A DIY Truck Bed Camper [VIDEO]