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Make Your Own DIY Boot Dryer with PVC Plumbing Supplies


Having dry feet never felt as good as when you make your own DIY boot dryer. Here are all the steps you need to do it yourself.

We’ve all been there: walking to our treestand, chasing upland birds, or just stepping across the lawn when all of the sudden, our feet got wet because our boots did.

You can try putting them on the heat register or even buy an expensive boot drying machine, but once you’ve built this inexpensive and easy to build boot dryer, your worries are over. With just a hairdryer and some PVC plumbing materials, you’ll be able to dry boots, shoes, gloves, and even clothing without having to stand over it.


4 2-inch elbows

2 2-inch T’s

1 2-inch Wye

1, 2″ fernco ci/plastic/copper/steel to ci/plastic/copper/steel

3 feet of 2-inch PVC pipe

PVC cement

Hacksaw or Sawzall


Cut one length of PVC pipe into 16-inch-long segment, then cut the 16 piece in half at about a 40-degree angle. Cut wedges about an inch above the angled cut as this will help unrestricted airflow when inside the boots

1Boot dryer.

Cut seven 2-inch PVC sleeves to about 2 inches long and connect everything together to test.

1Boot dryer..

Take the 8-inch angle pieces, along with two elbows and a T, and assemble. Hint: don’t glue anything yet!

1Boot dryer...

Now get yourself to this stage with the other T, the Wye, and remaining elbows.

1Boot dryer....

You can see now what the fernco is for and where the hairdryer goes.

1Boot dryer.....

As you can see, you have multiple options on how and where to use this handy little homemade gadget.

1Boot dryer

There’s really not much to attach permanently. If you hold off gluing all but the essentials as you see fit, you’ll be able to adjust it into different positions, use it on various sized items, and still break it down when you’re finished for easy storage.

Try this combination or a combination of your own. This is a good start for DIY hunters and fishermen. Outdoorsmen everywhere love to tinker so tinker with this and see what other modifications you can come up with!

While you have your thinking cap on, you can be drying your boots and gloves with this little beauty.

All photos via Instructables


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Make Your Own DIY Boot Dryer with PVC Plumbing Supplies