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How To Make Damper: Baked Bread in Campfire Ashes [VIDEO]

Little Figgy

Learn how to make Damper bread for your next campfire.

Don’t rush to kill those hot coals after a night of camping, use them to cook Damper, a delicious Outback bread.

In a video posted by Andrew Dwyer – The Cast Iron Cook, we learn how to make a very traditional Australian bread called Damper with simple ingredients and nothing but some campfire ashes and coals.

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The ingredients for Damper are:

375 mL of warm beer
6 cups of unbleached flour
1 tsp of salt
2 Tbs of baking powder
1 handful of course salt
1 tsp of olive oil

When the bread is finished cooking in the ashes, Dwyer says, “the coals have given it a lovely crust, all that flavor and moisture is locked in.” Indeed, a bread cooked in ashes is bound to have an interesting taste.

The video provides a great visual about creating this bread. Dwyer assures us it is a very simple and valuable skill to have; this bread makes use of resources in a different way.

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How To Make Damper: Baked Bread in Campfire Ashes [VIDEO]