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How to Make Your Own Custom Ferro Rods

All photos via Alex Burton

Follow these simple steps to make your own custom ferro rod for your next wilderness outing.

While lighters suffice just fine for starting most fires, a staple of any woodsmen is the ability to light a fire without them.

Ferro rods have become the staple of all modern woodsmen and bushcrafters. Who wants a plain, old store-bought one when you can make one unique for yourself?

Ferrocerium rods are essentially metallic rods that create sparks when scraped against steel or another hard surface.



  • Ferro rod
  • Drill bit same size as ferro rod
  • Handle material
  • Wood or super glue
  • Drill

1. Find the center of your handle material and mark it to be drilled.

2. Use a drill bit the same size as your ferro rod and drill on your mark about a half-inch deep. Clean out the hole as best you can before proceeding.


3. Put a few drops of glue into the hole of your handle material and smear some a half-inch up the end of your ferro rod.


4. Firmly press your ferro rod into the hole until it hits bottom. Clean up any glue residue from around the rod and set to the side to dry.


5. Once dry, give it a few good tugs to make sure the ferro rod is secure and is good to go. If you want, go ahead and drill a small lanyard hole on the other end.

You can make many things into ferro rod handles. My favorites are the small bits of deer antlers left over from other projects.

Chunks of fat wood are also great; it not only acts as a handle but essentially creates an all-in-one fire starter kit that’s easy to carry.

All photos via Alex Burton

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How to Make Your Own Custom Ferro Rods