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How to Make Cowboy Coffee the Daredevil Way


As if cowboy coffee wasn't strong enough, put your nerve to the test with this how t0 make cowboy coffee technique. 

There is nothing more enjoyable to knock off the chill of the night after waking up than a cup of coffee. However, you cannot call yourself a woodsmen until you have had an official cup of cowboy coffee straight off the fire instead of the bagged instant coffee.

Cowboy coffee is really the only way to prepare coffee while in the woods. All that is required is a coffee pot of boiling water with a handful of straight coffee grounds thrown in it, just the way our ancestors on the prairie made it.

If you don't like those extra bits of coffee grounds, or concentrated caffeine as I like to call them, floating around your cup to really give you that morning boost, then you are in luck. There is a way to get those pesky grounds to settle in the bottom, if you have the nerve to try it that is.

I think when it comes down to sucking up a few coffee grounds verse slinging a pot of boiling coffee above my head, I'll take the coffee grounds. Then again, I don't think anything would wake you up faster than having some scolding coffee rain down on you if you messed up the spin or have you handle break at the right time.

I will say that while this wasn't the safest way to get your grounds to settle it was very effective. That looked to be pretty much pure coffee coming out of the pot.

There is a much safer method of getting the grounds to settle if you, like myself, don't feel comfortable attempting this. After the coffee's boil comes to a stop slowly add in some cold water. This isn't as effective as the spin technique from above, but does the job quite nicely.


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How to Make Cowboy Coffee the Daredevil Way