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Make a Cool Watermelon Keg for Get-Togethers This Summer


Make this awesome watermelon keg this summer for cookouts, camping, bonfires, or any other summer event.

There is nothing more refreshing in the heat of the summer than a nice cold beverage. One served from a watermelon will be all the sweeter and an attention grabber. Pick up a large, ripe watermelon from your supermarket when getting other party supplies to make this great watermelon keg.

If you are looking for a great way to ramp up your summer get-togethers then look no further than this watermelon keg. It is a quick and simple way to serve drinks to guests that can just be thrown away after, leaving you one less item to wash after the party ends.

This is a great conversation starter and way to leave the ordinary drink selections behind to give everyone something completely different.

I have a large Fourth of July party coming up and I believe I'll recreate a few of these with different mixtures in each. Just going to have to order the spouts, which I found on Amazon for $24.95.


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Make a Cool Watermelon Keg for Get-Togethers This Summer